Forge Fine Art Gallery Ltd. mission is to create fun events dedicated to art, antiques, quality crafts and collectibles.  Forge believes collecting should be fun and affordable with the result creating a lasting value.  Forge will be open for special events which should occur monthly.  Forge promotes and embraces honesty and integrity in collecting.  Forge will specialize in quality art that encompasses the 19th Century to the present.  Forge will present a mix of listed and established artists as well as current and contemporary artists and artisans.

Forge will also provide a medley of quality antiques, jewelry, silver, collectibles and unusual crafts.  Forge Fine Art Gallery Ltd. will strive to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere and that its offerings will not only add enjoyment to the purchasers but may prove to be wise investments.

You never know what might be featured, or what you might find at the Forge.